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The overall objective of Switzerland’s economic cooperation and development Programs to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth to improve the lives of Vietnamese people. This goal is further specified into three objectives which contain clearly defined priorities, addressing both the public and private sectors. Environmental protection and climate change is addressed as a cross-cutting topic.

The Trade Promotion Division of SECO’s Economic Cooperation and Development leads the interventions directly contributing to sustainable tourism. Tourism interventions take place along four business lines from the Dispatch on International Cooperation 2017-2020. Those business lines contribute to the three overarching target outcomes of achieving more and better jobs, enhancing trade and competitiveness, and developing low-emission and climate-resilient economies.

Consortium Partners

The Swiss Sustainable Tourism Program is jointly managed by GFA Consulting Group GmbH (Germany) as the lead firm, and the Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI) (Vietnam) as well as the International Management Institute (IMI) (Switzerland) as the supporting partners of the consortium.

Each consortium partner brings a unique set of experiences and competencies relevant to the project, adding up to our main features summarized above. In the following, each partner is briefly introduced. Furthermore, a list at the end of this chapter gives a small selection of relevant projects implemented during the last five years.

GFA Consulting Group

Based in Hamburg and since 1982, GFA Consulting Group has provided effective solutions in the field of international cooperation in over 130 countries. In 2017 alone, GFA carried out over 200 internationally-funded projects. GFA has a strong record and expertise in managing projects in a broad variety of technical fields, such as private sector development, with SME and business development, value chain promotion, as well as international trade and marketing in many regions all over the world as well as a long-standing presence in Asia. Tourism frequently was among the sectors to be addressed in GFA’s private sector support. Capacity building lies at the heart of most GFA projects, and over the years GFA has refined its methodological approach, including a specialized unit for adult learning (C3 unit). An extensive network to highly qualified experts, both international as well as national in various countries around the world, enables GFA to quickly mobilize the necessary expertise and experience.

In total, GFA Consulting Group has implemented more than 50 projects in Vietnam, with 22 implemented during the last five years. Projects cover environmental protection, rural development, biodiversity, SME development, health and hygiene, and education topics. GFA’s Country Office Hanoi was established in 1996 to facilitate all of GFA’s business activities in the country, i.e. in terms of investment or business licenses, labor employment and recruitment, local knowledge and networks, as well as market forecast and promotion.

The Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI) 

AMDI was founded in 2006 as an independent research and consulting institute aiming at contributing to social progress and human development. AMDI, in close cooperation with local and international partners, is providing science, technology and development research, consulting, and training services. Through implementation of hundreds of research and consulting projects and conducting more than 400 training courses, AMDI has built up a strong project management capacity. Specifically, AMDI has implemented more than 10 projects in the area of tourism in Vietnam in the last 10 years. In addition to excellent managerial and technical in-house resources, AMDI has established an extensive network of Vietnam’s most recognized experts in the fields of sustainable tourism development, international trade and investment, human resource development, organizational development, policy development, and institutional capacity building.

The International Management Institute (IMI)

Based in Switzerland, IMI is a unique private school offering cutting- edge hospitality education from the foundation level all the way to a Master ́s in Business Administration. As a world-renowned international hotel management school, IMI offers strong links across all continents and graduates can be found in senior management positions all around the world. Through an impressive range of academic and industry accreditations, prestigious Swiss and International memberships, and IMI’s tailored career service, IMI first and foremost aims at the employability of its students. It’s Industry Advisory Board and partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK ensures that the courses are of the highest quality and are internationally recognized and respected by academics and employers.

Swiss Sustainable Tourism Programme

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