Our Team

Mr. Douglas Hainsworth is the SSTP’s Team Leader and a renowned expert in tourism with a passion to think and collaborate across disciplines: His broad academic background features a BA in Geography, an MA in Community and Regional Planning (Tourism Development), and Degrees in both Tourism Marketing and Tourism/Hospitality Management as well as being a certified Project Management Professional. He started his career in the tourism sector as the owner of a private tour operator and has retained to date his excellent understanding of the needs of tourism. Ever since he has gained a solid experience in the development sector. With long-time engagement in SE Asia with experience in Vietnam spanning more than 20 years. He has established a broad local network with public, private and development partners in the tourism field and beyond. As the International Team Leader, Douglas is responsible for the overall strategic management and resource utilization to achieve project results, including monitoring and reporting on activities and outcomes. Furthermore, he will be liaising with the ministries and other strategic project stakeholders and function as a key contact point for SECO.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quynh Nga is the Program Coordinator with more than 20 years career in the tourism sector. She has worked for several years as project officer and/or project coordinator for IUCN Sustainable Project, for international ODA funded projects by Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,  European Union, the Asian Development Bank, and as national consultant for sustainable tourism development planning project funded by UNDP/WTO/VNAT. Through her work with government institutions, agencies and procedures she has also developed an excellent network and working relations with tourism experts, public officials and development counterparts in the tourism sector. As Program Coordinator Nga handles a range of responsibilities covering all aspects of project and office administration including the management of communications, information database, logistical support, and contract management. Her ability to skillfully handle multiple and complex tasks provides great support to the ongoing operations of the SSTP.

Mr. Joseph van Doorn is the Key Expert for Component 1 and a renowned international tourism development consultant, who combines a thorough academic background with direct industry experience and a 35-year-hands-on career in the tourism sector working on, inter alia National & Regional Tourism Development and Planning, Tourism Business Model development for SMEs, Pro-Poor Tourism and HRD & Vocational Training enhancement in the sector.

He has a long-time experience in Vietnam and South East Asia countries, including 5 years as EU Team Leader of a Human Resources Development in Tourism Project that established a Nationally Recognized Set of internationally accepted Vocational Skills Standards for 13 Tourism & Hospitality Occupations (VTOS). Furthermore, worked for the ADB on Tourism Infrastructure across the country and for Quang Nam province on Community Based Tourism. Last, but not least, assisted ASEAN’s Tourism Committee in Tourism, PR and Promotion functions,
He has an established network of private and public sector contacts; a profound understanding of specific opportunities and challenges in the Vietnamese context, and a broad knowledge of the establishment of sustainable value chains in the tourism industry.

Mr. Thanh Ha Hai is the Component 1 Manager. Mr. Ha has a PhD in Economics with major in Tourism and Hospitality and more than 32 years of professional experience in the Vietnam’s tourism sector. He has a thorough understanding of the regional differences between Vietnamese provincial tourism destinations in the three regions Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam. He has worked for several years as Key Technical Expert for EU-funded sustainable tourism development projects in Vietnam and built extensive knowledge in the establishment of sustainable value chains along international tourism development approaches. In close collaboration with Mr. Van Doorn, Mr. Ha will oversee the effective implementation of all activities relevant to Component 1 and coordinate synergies with the other components.

Mrs. Hoang Que Nga is the National Tourism Business Development Expert of Component 1. She had 23 years of working experience in the International Tour Operating sector, in charge of both Inbound and Outbound tourism. As a expert of Tour Operator business, Responsible & Sustainable Tourism, CBT, she has been working on Danish, EU and Swiss Sustainable Tourism projects since 2012. Currently, she is a lecturer at the Hanoi Open University, Faculty of Tourism.
Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet is the Component 1 Key Expert. Viet who has actively worked for Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme, Vietnam  Human Resources Development in Tourism Project funded by the EU for the past years, has a Master degree in Tourism. As a Master Trainer of Vietnam Tourism Occupational Standards (VTOS), Viet has delivered many training courses for hotels, travel companies to develop quality of human resources.

In collaboration with Mr. Joseph Van Doorn, Mr. Ha Thanh Hai, Viet will monitor the activities of Component 1 related to sustainable model assessment and value chain extension as well as coordinate with the other components.

Mr. Do Dinh Cuong is our Component 2 Manager, is a renowned expert for tourism education and training measures, including sustainable tourism education for stakeholders from public officials to local communities. From his longstanding experience, he has a well-established and valuable network, including the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA), various provincial Departments of Communication, Sport and Tourism (DCSTs), and the Hanoi Tourism College (HTC). Cuong has been following the developments of Vietnamese tourism education for years, currently working as Training Manager for the large ADB Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project. Importantly, he was responsible for the co-development of the RT toolkit and training modules for the EU ESRT project and is highly motivated to upgrade these materials as foreseen in the TOR.

Mr Kai Partale is the key international expert for Component 3. He is a tourism development and marketing strategist who works with government officials and business leaders to sustainably develop and grow their destinations, businesses and visitor experiences. After more than two decades in advisory roles for tourism and hospitality brands on behalf of tourism companies, the EU, World Bank, UN and GIZ in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Kai knows what truly enhances visitor satisfaction, increases social and economic benefits for businesses and communities, and minimises environmental impacts. Under the STTP programme, he works on policies, strategies and recommendations to integrate sustainable tourism practices to create an enabling environment for a competitive and sustainable tourism sector, including strategies and plans for Covid-19 recovery, on reopening to international visitors, impact of the pandemic on travel behaviour of Vietnamese international source markets, and marketing recommendations for Vietnam tourism on behalf of the Tourism Advisory Board. He also worked on the development of strategies and marketing plans for selected provinces, a visitor management plan for the UNESCO WHS Trang An and capacity building measures for sustainable tourism.

Mr. Truong Nam Thang is our Component 3 Manager. Thang is a long-standing expert in policy development in the Vietnamese tourism sector with experience promoting Responsible Tourism on provincial and national level. He has a deeply rooted network in the sector spanning key project partners in component 3, in particular the Vietnamese National Administration for Tourism (VNAT) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) and various provincial Departments of Communication, Sport and Tourism (DCSTs). He recently advised MCST, VNAT and government organizations with policy development for responsible tourism as Senior Sector Development Manager for the EU ESRT project. Thang is currently working on Destination Management in the ADB Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project, thus following closely new developments within the tourism policy environment in Vietnam.


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