Đối tác

Đối tác

Bho Hoong Bungalows

Located amid the spectacular scenery of the Truong Son Mountain Range in central Vietnam and sitting astride the beautiful Kon River, about  60 km from Da Nang Airport, 90 km far from Hoi An and 170 km far from Hue, Bho Hoong offers intrepid travellers an insight into the way of life of one of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.

The five stilted bungalows in Bho Hoong village have been individually styled and each takes the name of an animal sacred to the Co Tu people. The immense skill and craftsmanship of the local people is much in evidence in the wood, rattan and thatch construction.

Each bungalow includes 2 rooms (1 double room and 1 twin room), separate by a wooden panel and wooden stairs for friends and small families.

Modern conveniences such as marble en suite bathrooms and comfortable mattresses with high quality linen have been added to suite Western tastes. The very high ceiling create an open and airy space. These creature comforts  combined with Co Tu artifacts create an atmosphere that is at the same time both exotic and familiar and shape a space where untroubled sleep in virtually guaranteed.

The idea for the Bungalows comes itself 100 % in sustainable tourism. The tourism developments are all made by consulting the community so that their values are respected. Village households received training in tourism services, speaking English, cooking and customer care and a part of revenue goes into community fund.

Bho Hoong Bungalows has devised a way to bring prosperity to the Co Tu community without commodifying their culture or paving the way for a mass influx of gawping tourists.

 Let’s come and and experience with us !