Đối tác

Đối tác

Emic Travel

Emic Travel is based on sustainable values to ensure minimum impact on the surrounding environment while offering guests a unique experience to immerse themselves in local communities.

They cooperate local people and use local products and organic goods in order to bring economic benefits to their regional communities.

Emic Travel believe that both the environment and local community should benefit from our business, and they are committed to producing long-term sustainable benefits.

With the aim to develop the community sustainably, they have been making a lot of efforts to provide high-quality tourism service as well as social development funds to support the poor and the disadvantaged, especially unfortunate children. Once you choose Emic Travel, you are joining your hands to the development of local communities.

They have a group to treat their waste from the kitchen's restaurant and  hotel. They also have a soap making machine which allows them to recycle soap from the hotels.